• Overview


    My name is Joe Qi, a computer engineer and a freelance consultant located in Toronto, Canada. I have been helping businesses and individuals achieve their goals with customized technical solutions in website design, application development, and other unique engineering solutions. I have over 10 years of experience in IT and financial fields, and I continue to learn and research new technologies of today and tomorrow. I like challenges especially when clients tell me all other programmers say it can't be done, or not possible, I have sometimes able to solve the impossible problems.

  • Commitment and Vision


    I am strongly committed to provide high-quality technology services and products at a competitive cost in order to allow customers to accomplish their business goals.

    My vision is to create unique individualized solution for each clients, without resorting to use templates. Because each problem is unique, I believe the best solution is to be found by fully understanding client's needs and goals because starting projects. If the solution is simple and straightforward, I will do so in the most efficient and cost effective time. If the solution is new and something no one has ever done before, there is even more motivation for me to work!

  • Services


    I cover the entire range of engineering services:

    • Delivering complete specifications for projects and IT consultancy, based on the client requirements.
    • Project management.
    • Complete software products commissioning.
    • Migration or redesign of existing applications.
    • User and technical documentation.
    • Training and consultancy.
    • Technical assistance, maintenance and service for software products.
  • Major Areas of Expertise


    My major service areas are (but not limited to):

    • Application development, maintenance and testing, in C#, Java, C++
    • Web Development, e-commerce. Paypal and social networking integration
    • Web Promotion: Search engine optimization (SEO),Search Engine Marketing(SEM) , Social Media Marketing(SMM)
    • IPhone | Android | BlackBerry Development
    • Migration or redesign of existing applications.
    • User and technical documentation.
    • Performance Tuning, Load Testing, Automation, Quality Assurance and Testing
    • Databases: Oracle,MS SQL Server,MySQL
    • Server Side Development: .NET,Java,Java Servlets & JSP, JavaBeans, JDBC, J2EE Framework and patterns, Groovy & Grails, EJB 2.0, JCA, JMS, JNDI, Cold Fusion MX.

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